Sunday, February 11, 2007

Goodbye Aria!

Well, shes off to Austraila! We all headed out this morning at 8 am to drop her off at the airport. Had a going away party last night, it was lots of fun.

After the party, I was awake for a few hours, couldnt sleep at all (aria was up late as well with the same problem.) Hopefully she gets some sleep on her flight, as its 13 hours long *yuck*, or a good movie.

In December, the movie selection on Qantas Airlines was Snakes on a Plane, and the one about the 9/11 plane that didnt hit the whitehouse. When I saw that, I thought that it was kinda awesome that the airline had a sense of humor. At least she doesnt have to watch those now.

I found out from Mikaela that she got to LAX safely and found her way to the right terminal after a while. She should be calling tomorrow to let us know shes in austraila. Mikaela is a little emotional, especially tonight before bed. She got teary again, and hopefully she is alright at school tomorrow. I cant sleep, so I think I will watch a movie for a bit and then sleep.
(got a little teary eyed in the pic of the 4 of us, I hate crying pictures.)

Goodnight everyone out there, and you too Aria, wherever you are over the ocean!

PS Aria: Remember to read your comics I made you in the little pad of paper that you have


Jennifer said...

awwwee you guys...

Aria said...

well I am safe and I slept a little bit. Not too much though. And to try and conquor jet lag i stayed up till about 3am your time - 9 my time. So far it's not bad. Hope it works :)

Oh and I read the comics :D they are awesome

Miranda said...

tee hee! i loved the ninja one the best.

Jennifer said...

yay! soon Aria.

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