Friday, June 24, 2011

Food Drama

For the past month or more, we've been battling Sadie. Every meal time, she will eat maybe 5 bites of food and then spit the rest out of her mouth. We've given her the favorites (yogurt, watermelon, beans, apple sauce, and banana) and its the same thing. Its hard especially cause she then doesnt eat enough during the day and wakes up twice a night to drink a bottle. Her tiny tummy gets too hungry.

Yesterday after a 3 hour nap, she was starving, and did the 5 bite thing and spit it out. Mom gave up and dumped a spoon of spaghetti (another recent favorite) on her tray. The famished baby gobbled down that spaghetti by herself proving that she seems ready for her own spoon and perhaps will start eating more. We can only hope. I think the next experiment is to see if cutting down on snacks is better for her at meal times. I'm thinking it will help a bunch.

Its not a pretty sight...just not pretty at all

Any tricks to getting your kiddos to eat more at meal times?

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Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

oh how cute, but messy! Wish I could give you some tips, but no kids yet for me.

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