Saturday, June 25, 2011

Candy Stash

I have a thing for sour blue raspberry candies, and american chocolate bars. Theres a candy store that opened only a few months ago called Stickies, and they carry all the american candies that we dont get up here in Canada. The closest thing we have to Almond Joys are Bounty bars. Bounty bars in my opinion are just inferior.
I'm going to be going home to Vancouver for a few days doing doctors appointments and such, so I'm gonna try and save some of this for when I'm out there. The key to this plan is to hide the chocolate from Tony.

Fact 1: I have to hide the chocolate chips in my house from him.
Fact 2: I've hidden them in his dresser drawer at the back under some clothes.

It worked for months before he found them putting his laundry away. When he found them, he told me I had insulted his intelligence. Although he acted upset, I could see his amusment behind it all.

I won.


hello deer! said...

ugh! can i come over?

Meredith said...

You want the recipe for home-made Almond Joy? I <3 Almond Joy it's my fav, I make people buy it for me whenever they go to the states. I have a stash in my bra drawer. ;)

Miranda said...

Yes please! I would love to try and make that stuff! I think I will keep a stash somewhere too. Tony doesnt look in my bra drawer ;)

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