Monday, November 22, 2010

Granny Square!

Yesterday we had company over. Dad, Debbie, Colin, Kayla, Beth and Kathryn. Our tiny apartment got pretty full. Nothing we can do. We had marble cake that Debbie brought and an apple pie that I made.  Baby and I took some pictures together on the floor before hand all dressed up nicely.

Its pretty chilly in our place. I have the heat turned on, but its not heating the house. Its weird. Might have to call our landlord to see whats going on. 

And now the granny square. Larissa, I can teach you now. As long as you can do a double stitch we can do it up. I need some more colours of yarn. I am gonna do up a bunch of these for a blanket.


misslarissabree said...

I think i know how.. was that the one you showed me where you go under both loops?

Miranda said...

its kinda like that, the one I taught you was a half double I think. Its very similar. We need to go buy yarn and get cracking on these blankets yo.

Jennifer said...

Those dressers I keep getting for cheap and repainting, 3 of them now,....have skein after skein of yarn stuffed in them so full they don't close very well. Silly girl, your collection has just begun. *instert evil laughter here*
Now, my mom's yarn room is in the bedroom that my youngest sister used to occupy. And you can't walk in's that full of yarn.
Beware the curse of the yarn stash.
I bought a 'banana gram' game. There were way more letters than in a scrabble set and without the points numbers on them.

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