Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Huzzah, I've got it!

This was a second attempt at making a washcloth or potholder. The first attempt was very triangular looking. There were issues with missing stitches and tension. This was all ripped out and this one was the result.

And then there was the progression of making squares with scraps of yarn. I tried to "fix" the first one by making it pretty with a purple border. Ya...that didn't work. It now accentuates the lopsided ugliness of it all. By the last one I decided to try the washcloth thing again.

A somewhat better cloth. Still issues with tension, but its not triangular, just more loose in some parts than others.  I think I will try another and then learn a new stitch or pattern maybe. I think I like this crochet thing now.

She got a little tired while watching me crochet, so she is napping now. While she sleeps, I will start making another cloth and plan a trip to Ikea for Christmasy things (Tony wants to try the meatballs).


adorkbl said...

I am trying to teach myself how to crochet too... good job! You are doing much better than I. ;)

Miranda said...

I had my grandma teach me the basic stuff and it helped more than when I watched youtube videos.

Fiona said...

Now that you can knit in a straight line you can do like I do, which is make everyone a scarf in the colours of their choice for Christmas. At least, I start these scarves every year... I dont always finish :)

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