Tuesday, November 30, 2010

feeding time

 This is what has become of meal times with her. My ravenous child would rather jab herself in the face with her spoon than have me feed her. So we compromised. I guide fill her spoon, and she grabs it and thrusts it towards her face. I gently guide it to her mouth and lo and behold, she sucks it back and is ready again for more. I'm thinking she thinks its a game. Like when the cell phone is just out of reach and all she wants is to have it in her mouth. I didn't even put a bib  on her because the last few times we tried solids, she would wail at me at the first spoonful. This was a spur of the moment "lets try and see what happens AGAIN" thing.

She was tossed into the tub and had a great time splashing me. In the end, I was soaked and covered in sweet potato rice cereal. Oh yea.

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misslarissabree said...

ahahah oh sadie.

tried any new foods?

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