Tuesday, November 16, 2010

just some random happenings

She's been teething or something again. We fight a lot these days about eating. She thrashes like a fish out of water when I try to hold her to get her eating. She knows the "assumed feeding position" and once that bottle appears, there's screaming and wiggling and more screaming. Her teethies are bugging her again. I can feel many little bumps under her gums. We fight and its a disaster. Formula goes on the floor, on her, me, all over her face, but never swallowed. She even goes as far as to gurgle it back at me in protest while she cries. I did manage to get her eating though. If I restrain her arms from interfering, she tends to give in--thank goodness.

I have yet to find those teething tablets, but I haven't checked london drugs or shoppers yet. Fiona, I know you mentioned somewhere, but I cant remember where. 

She's been sleeping ok, but waking up more to eat as shes not eating as much in the day time. She has found that its funner to grab the spoon of food and play with it between her fingers than it is to eat it. She also looks like she wants to feed herself (which isn't going to work just yet).

She enjoys dinner time when we all sit at the table. I've been making it a habit to do it if Tony is around. Before S, we would sit in the living room. I didn't feel the need to eat at the table if there were just 2 of us. She has her own chair now though, so its nicer to have her sit and observe. 

This was lunch the other day. Its my favourite sushi roll now. Its the Panda roll. Deep fried yams, asparagus, avocado and sea weed. So awesome. I had to eat it with my fingers because when I got home, there was only 1 set of chopsticks in the take out container.


Fiona said...

I got my teething tablets at London Drugs :)

heidi said...

recent news: the FDA just pulled the teething tablets off the market. not sure if it just affects the US or canada too. i'm so bummed :( hylands does, however, sell teething gel as well.

Miranda said...

bummer :( I will have to see if they are still in canada.

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