Friday, November 19, 2010

10 habits + guilty pleasures

1. [Habit] I never check my voice mail. Usually I will call the person back who I missed rather than listen to the message.

2. [Habit] I pick at the hangnails on my thumbs, especially when I am stressed or nervous. Its bad cause I might not notice it until my thumb bleeds.

3. [Guilty pleasure] movies: Harry Potter

4. [Guilty pleasure] Colourful markers, I have oodles of them and the crayola sections always draw me like a moth to the light. Who can say no to rainbows?

5. [Habit] I leave the toothpaste in the shower, Tony hates that.

6. [Habit] I play with my hair without thinking about it

7. [Guilty pleasure] tv show: America's Next Top Model

8. [Habit] I wiggle my feet when I try to fall asleep.

9. [Guilty Pleasure] Fillets of Fish (I will admit, I've eaten a double one of those...very terrible)

10. [Habit] I fall asleep watching tv shows on the ipod


Jennifer said...

1- I can't figure out why people leave a message of 'call me' because of course when you see the missed call I'll call them. duh.
2-I had to get a crown because of night time jaw clenching.
3- Anything British will do.
4- lipgloss and eyeshadow
5-I keep a toothpaste both in the shower and by the sink so that I don't have to go get it.
6- I dress up as nicely as possible everyday even if I'm only going to walk the dog and get a starbucks or go grocery shopping.
7- Bones, House.
8- maybe I should try wiggling my feet instead of tossing around.
9- About once a month a slice of pizza.
10- I sometimes fall asleep with the lights on.

adorkbl said...

haha... I never listen to the voicemail either. I keep telling my mom not to bother leaving a message, I will see you called and call you back. I hate having to go in and delete it out.

I'm a foot wiggler too, and brush my teeth in the shower... and fillet-o-fish... I am hooked right now. so bad I know.

Miranda said...

Oh I know, its the only thing I order when I go to mcdonalds. I put ketchup on mine too. Makes it extra messy :)

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