Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Shopping

This morning I woke up feeling pretty crappy. I was cold and felt gross and couldnt wait for naptime. Now that its naptime, I get to online browse/shop for the little girl and Tony. He is also sleeping in after staying up late doing homework.

So far for Christmas, I bought only one thing...really sad for me actually. I like to get it all done like now, but I am only just starting. BOO

So far I found a roly poly ball for the girl. Yay eBay.

Also am looking for a cute ugly doll. Going to the Childrens place/market...whatever its called (on granville island) soon to grab one for her. She does love her collection of them so far. They are nubbly and great for sucking on and laughing at.

So I am almost done my button tree craft. The wreath needs work still. Larissa and I did an attempt at wreath making. I need some filler stuff for mine.

Hmmm what else. Gotta think of something to do for an Advent calendar this year. Maybe my mini tree will be an advent calendar. Oh speaking of tree...we were given a 3 ft tree this year (Thank you mom and dad). So now instead of a toilet brush looking tree, I will have bigger better one. Now I gotta get some ornaments going. If I make a couple a day it might look nice.

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misslarissabree said...

I need filler for mine still too. We need to find somewhere with cheap craft stuff!

I would love to come with you to granville island if you want visitors!

also need Sadies Christmas list!

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