Friday, June 22, 2007

sad momma

I was setting the table tonight for indian food and mom noticed that I set the table for 5 instead of 4. She got really sad. She asked why I had to make her sad. She said its depressing eating indian food and looking at an empty plate.
Poor momma.

(I unintentionally had an extra place set when Grandma came over the night before. Dad didnt eat anything cause he had just woken up).

Grandma also visted the land of blog, she even posted a comment on aria's last post.
I helped her, it was cute.

***and now to boost her morale, she is deepfrying the deepfry-able brownies she brought home from work (dont worry, they are made to be deep fried.***


Aria said...

awww deep fried brownies! What else have I missed that is new out yonder? aw well I am eating authentic Indian food and it is pretty good. I think I almost like Shandahar hut better for vege korma and butter chicken! (tried veg korma thinking it was that but uh it was something different - like it but with fruit ... gross.) and no butter chicken in India - had it in Aus though --- so yummy.

ooo rice... now that is something I have had a lot of.

You can set me a place soon enough mama!
hehe love you!

Jennifer said...

chocolate is always the answer.

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