Sunday, July 22, 2007

the weekend...

Was busy! Did makeup with Jennifer on Friday, learned a ton...and then proceeded to purchase some things from mac online and I cant wait to do it all :) Thank you again Jennifer for hanging out and showing me cool tricks! hehehe. Checked out the newspaper for apartments and was very disappointed in finding nothing that was cheaper or close to where we want to live in Vancouver :P frustrating. Checked the craigslist and responded to ads, however have no response to any emails. More frustrating! ARG!
Hmmm....scanned a ton of pictures to the computer for wedding stuff. Got flowers sorted out, must now get a place to live still, read the rest of harry potter 7 before anyone spoils anymore of it (stupid la senza sales lady). I was up till 2 am reading it because I wanted desperately to finish in a day, and that hasn't happened, but hopefully will tonight.
Up until the wedding will be sooo busy, and I am stressing out, but its ok. things are getting done kinda.

Going to find something entertaining for you all. My last pictures weren't that great.
Oh, and my parents rented "Breach" and it was very interesting if you are into fbi spy movies.

This was when we were making the invitations...I almost got him in the face with a red fingerprint hehe.

I have more pics later to post, but not yet...

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Anonymous said...

Well Miranda I guess it is at times as these that you are being stretched as you are looking for a place to live. Yes it can look beyond hope or you can become frazzled to the point where there seems to be no way. It is at these times is where you take your eyes of the problem and focus them back to the Lord. As he knows all things and is going to release the right place at the right as long you are allowing Him to be the center of the problem. So be encouraged and allow the Lord to direct your paths. Praying for you.

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