Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more weekend fun

Mom and Dad took us to Vancouver to check out places to live. We didn't have much luck. Called a bunch of places, left messages, got nothing. Checked out a bachelor suite. I figured it would be small, but I had to see it. It was half my bedroom with a kitchen, and the kitchen is like a converted closet. The bathroom in that place was up the stairs on the next floor. When you walked up the steps, you felt like you might fall through the green fake carpet through the rotted stairs. yay! We shall see what God has in store however and I trust that he will take care of this.

Went to a Mexican food place in Vancouver, it was YUMMY! had a chicken chimmichanga! it was sooo good!

When everyone eats beans on the way home however, makes for an interesting ride back. the windows were rolled down some of the time.

I ordered some really neat mac makeup and am getting it soon! hehehe makes me excited!


running wildly said...

So I met your sister. Isn't it funny.......so close but yet so far. Too bad we didn't get to meet.

Jennifer said...

What did you order???!!!

Miranda said...

i know :(

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