Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the UPS man came!

Mikaela is gone to camp, so it is just the three of us at home :) Dad went to work, and my mother and I were watching some sort of tv show when the doorbell rang. Thinking it was mikaelas friends wanting her to play, I answered and was suprised! the UPS man was on my doorstep with a package for me! WOOOO the mac stuff is here!
This is what I ordered Jennifer :

3 brushes, and the seedy pearl eyeshadow. I had ordered one more thing, but forgot it, and its coming in a few days I expect :) FUN FUN FUN! *I also added my face primer with sunscreen stuff in it. Got that a little while ago.*


Jennifer said...

excellent...I'm so excited and proud of you!!!

Miranda said...

:) oh and i got bare canvas paint and its awesome stuff!

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