Thursday, May 10, 2007

Harry potter and the order of the pheonix (newest trailer)

Tee hee hee hee Its out!!! The newest trailer, and I am so Excited. Gave me goosebumps!!!
Oh I cant wait, and also cant wait until the final book is out as well.


Jennifer said...

I still can't believe that she is putting out a moive and a book in the same year...that just seems wrong.

Miranda said...

she cant help that the movie comes out when her book is done. well....she could hold off on the book, but it probably wouldnt sell as well in the winter. I cant wait that long for it though! saw the trailer in spider man 3, it was the highlight of the spiderman movie (which says a lot)

Jennifer said...

well I shant bother with spiderman 3 then.

Jennifer said...

think I'll re read the last few books just to prep

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