Thursday, May 10, 2007

wanted: an Ark...

Since I mentioned at work that Chilliwack might flood, everyone went into a almost panic.
My friend Larissa is now worried about her new house and couches and has printed off the Emergency Flood Checklist so she wont go unprepaired (it includes goggles, playing cards, and a saw).
Oh man, everyone is in a tizzy!
I live in a basement partially underground, near 2 dikes and a flood wall. Yippee for me! If the weather gets nice all week (like the good ol weather man says) I will be moving my stuff upstairs and everything thing else in the basement! :P
Yay for camping out in the living room!
Maybe the flood wall will hold....maybe the dikes will be fine....maybe I wont have to pay rent if I find myself in a foot of water when I wake up....hmmmm there is a pro to the whole flood thing.


Jennifer said...

you can only hope that someone will build one for you and you'll be lucky enough to be on it :) stranger things have been known to happen

Anonymous said...

I think my living room would be worth some rent, don't you?

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