Saturday, May 19, 2007

rain rain go away

come again some other day. *sigh* I could have cleaned my room, or evicted the spiders from the downstairs bathroom, but no, I sat around and watched tv and played games and did nothing. I guess I needed a day of nothingness to get me back to cleaning and all that.

Theres a half eaten snickers bar beside me and a season of CSI. Now the question is: is it such a good idea to watch an episode of CSI before bed? Maybe I shall try and pick a "tame" one. Ya right. Cant leave the snickers opened and alone for more than a day. In this house, chocolate goes missing if left like that. You have to mark it with your name generally, or my mother will find it.

Not watching M*a*s*h again. The episode where Nick gets burried alive was really good, but creepy. Bah, I think I shall take my chances and watch it.


running wildly said...

Days of nothingness are totally necessary. I do them frequently.

Jennifer said...

csi before bed garuantees bad dreams

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