Saturday, May 26, 2007


Went out for sushi on thursday. Larissa and I have had it before, but Brittany has never done anything like that before.
Larissa mentioned that some older lady one time went walking around the restruant hollering "wheres my fork?!?" and Brittany was stunned that there were no forks or spoons really to eat with, and all that was provided were chopsticks.
Took Brittany 25 min or so to kind of get how to use them (kindof).
She created an invention so it would be a bit easier, and now I shall let the video explain...

(the video is really pixelated, thats what I get for not using a real camera, and using a cellphone).

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Auddles said...

I love sushi! I'm gonig out for sushi tomorrow night! I can't wait

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