Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Living in the "armpit"of the world...so to speak

One of the many places Calcutta has been called.
Aria should be there pretty soon, or now. Mom and I looked at the weather forcast for them. 40 degrees celcius in the day, and then it "cools" down to 30 degrees or so at night. I cant even imagine the dehidration she would probably get, or the frustration with her not being able to sleep. Poor Aria. Darjeeling shall be better, with 20 degree highs and lows at night at about 7 degrees. Only a week in Calcutta which is good.
Dad is home, maybe we can eat indian food and crank the heat and pretend we are in india (minus the dirty water :P).


Anonymous said...

That's part and parcel of going on a trip that God has planned for you. It is at these times that where you have ti trust the Lord all the way. It is a good learning time for Aria and she will come out of it a better disciple.

Jennifer said...

ah you are such good sports to crank the heat and bare it with her.
you could just come here instead...it's 30.

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