Wednesday, May 09, 2007

a typical day...

Oh and my day went like this:
4:30am- got up, got dressed and all that, stumbled upstairs, jugged the rest of moms coffee
5:00-got to work, the computer was really slow (like me).
6:00 ish-getting busier at work, everyones starting to get in.
8:00-busy busy busy, no time for anything, 11 people waiting for me to answer, they arent doing their jobs, making my job harder.
9:00-hang out with beth a bit, talk about her czech friend, and the new czech words he taught her.
10:00-2:00- busy busy at work again, lazy agents again, too many calls, and 2 supervisor calls that could have been avoided if the agent didnt put them on hold for sooooo long ( I would hate being on hold for 15 min too if I had better things to do).
2:00pm-go in the van, drive off to abby, rent chairs and tablecloths for wedding with momma.
3:00-visit grandma, she shows me her pretty silk blue flowers she made for the cake table.
5:00-get to mcdonalds for mc happy day (an excuse to get happymeals for everyone to support the ronald mcdonald childrens house things). The Mc donalds toys were cute, shrek and the cat we have right now. Need to see shrek 3!!! Spider man 3 --NOT WORTH IT - :P
6:00-hop on msn, nobody really there, read blogs and stuff...
7:30-shower, find a spider in the bathroom, I am needing a dustbuster or something smaller than can suck up a spider, cause I hate squishing them and then cleaning spider guts.
8:00- America's Next Top Model!!! One episode left after this one.
9:00-Bedtime and then we get to do it all over again

There aria, there ya go.

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Jennifer said...

uh, like as a parent may I say that I was not impressed with the shrek toy...duh.

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