Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Blender Blaster

Check it out:

Yep, gotta get me one of these :)

And on to other things. I am talking to a customer who seems to know more than me, which I hate. This means I cannot try and bluff my way through the call. Bah! I also dont like it that he is asking me questions that I dont know the answers to, and when I ask him questions, I feel like I am asking the stupidest things, and these are things this guy knows already. But, I will get through this, got him on hold and will hopefully find an answer out from a friend.

Doug is back from his vacation, and now he gets his nice big comfy chair back :(
I think I will print off more paper ipods and give them away.


Meredith said...

Hi Miranda! Welcome to the land of blog. David Hasslehoff is just plain creepy. I look forward to reading more of your news soon!

Anonymous said...

Miranda, hi! I am so excited to see you started a blog. Saw your comment on Heidi's and thought, hmmm, could it be, would it be, I hope it is, umm, lemme just click on her name and hope that I can link to her blog from there, uhhh, yeah, ohhh, there is the blog title, now really, who is this "Miranda"?? Start to read the blog, still not sure, scroll down abit and ah ha! - there is Her picture!!! Excitement. I am a blog reader, not a blog writer, but I do like to comment occasionally. Again, welcome to my favorites.
PS Our Ali cat must be a first cousin to one of your cats - she likes us to be in the same room when she eats and will stand in a doorway meowing piteously for us to "come watch me". Love Aunt Judy

heidi said... blog stalker, you! glad you came out and finally commented! i'll be checking your blog out for sure :)

Jennifer said...

Awe...I am already on your links, how sweet of you!

Miranda said...

I am a blog stalker lol :)

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