Monday, July 24, 2006

Working in the Nuthouse

And now its time for crazy work stories with Miranda!!!! But before we do that, I shall explain what I do. I work at a callcenter, I am technical support for a big brand name of color laser printers. I help people over the phone fix these printers. Now onto the stories.

We had a new class of agents (people who take the calls) start their first day after training. There was one new girl in particular that kinda stood out. She had had her whole ear covered in piercings. She was quiet and kinda mumbled to herself. I thought to myself that I have seen weirder (the guy who wears the black cape and hood is a little weirder). She needed a lot of help at the beginning, and my friend Audrey got to help her. She one day, just stood up, and started starring at her boss. Her boss, realized that the woman kept on staring, so she asked her if she was okay and needed help. The lady with many piercings looked at her and said, "I think I am gonna turn blue." Hmmmmm turn blue, alright now that was new. She then said "I dont like turning blue," and kept starring at her boss. Her boss asked if she needed to go home. The lady gave her another blank stare and then took off her headset and got up and went home. She later was moved to a different contract. Interesting....turning blue. Pretty weird.

Another interesting story comes a call that my friend took. He was talking to a customer about their internet connection, and the lady lost it on him. She was hysterical and accused him of kidnapping her (how I dont know), and then said she is calling the cia and mnrtc (???) and they will find him, and kill him, and its all because she cant get into her email. At the end of that call, her mother came on the phone and explained she hadnt taken her meds that morning.

Also heard on the phone was a guy who was so frustrated that he decided to "fix" his computer "his" way and took a hammer to the moniter. He suprised his family because all of a sudden there was lots of yelling from a child and wife. You could hear the glass shatter all over.He calmed down and then asked if the monitor could be fixed under the warrenty...pfftt yea right.

I cant think of any more stories at the moment, but I have a pretty credit card prank link to read.
I giggled at the end.


Meredith said...

that was funny. As for turning blue... I don't know nor do I think I want to but it's nice to hear that your employer kept her anyhow.:)

Miranda said...

ya, the turn around time with employees is 6 months to a year. They keep the crazies :)

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