Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oh September...

School starts! Yea! Tony is going to his first class in UBC. Yesterday he was pretty nervous sounding before he left for Vancouver. Hopefully he got some sleep, and hopefully he doesnt get lost on his first day ( I would on that campus). I would be terrified if I had to get around that place. I am at work after a 3 day weekend. I loved it, but now back to working, and its getting annoying!

This job is so frustrating some times. I work at a call center, I do technical support for printers.
We have to troubleshoot the issues people have with the printers over the phone. The printers are on the bigger side, but they are easy to get into, and you cant break them easily. Since these printers are used by corperate companies, many people who talk to me think they are above troubleshooting anything, and demand technicans or replacement printers. I am sorry people, because you have a paper jam and needed this printer working yesterday, does not give you any reason to have a technician or replacement printer. They shout back at me that they dont "deal" with printers, and they are not opening the printer up to find a paper jam. They think its ridiculous to have to find a paper jam, or take out a toner and change it. Boo Hoo to you! I am able to walk ya'll through it, and have walked 90 year old grannies through it. They are more willing than you are to find a paper jam. I really hate dealing with people who think they are too good for opening a door of a printer. Bahhhh!!!
Had to rant a while, otherwise I will loose it. My coworkers and I are suprised that nobody had gone postal yet here.

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like why/what do they think they are calling you for anyways?! ~Jennifer

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