Monday, September 25, 2006

They're BAAACK!!

I cant believe I now own a pair of skinny jeans.
(honestly, I was too tired to hunt through the racks to find decent flaired pants.)

Whats next? Leg warmers? fluffy big feathered hair???? (I want me some legwarmers)

That poor child. *note: the file name for this picture was childabuse* lol no kidding.


Jennifer said...

I saw leg warmers at Claire's on saturday!!! Dang just when I was getting used to wide leg, boot cut and flares too. Thank goodness I had the foresight to keep my 'skinny pants'...well one pair anyways.

Miranda said...

lol. what else can we reuse from the 80's? I say next I will feather my hair!!

Jennifer said...

do you have any gelly bracelets? long dangly earings and shoulder pands?

Jennifer said...

pads...(haha) of course. Oh I just remembered slouch socks...and frosted pick lipstick. And I thought I had amnesia about highschool.
Post us a pic of your new hair style soon ok? hehe

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