Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Aria goes to the land of Kola's!

Yeppers! She goes to austraila in feburary. She starts on valentines day. My mom will cry because she is never apart from us on that day.
And the oregon coast pics that I have are on the other computer....must get them to this one soon!
Watched monster house last night, its stupid and not funny. Not a great kids movie really :P Nothing like a disney movie. I will watch mission impossible however tonight :) Tom Cruise is a little creepy, but I can get past all that.

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Aria said...

hahahaha land of kolas -- drinking pop all the time I am guessing too..

anyways, I found out that my name isn't random-nonsense (thats my sign in name I guess) my bad but here's the link to my blog

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