Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So I figured I would tell you all what I have been up to for these last few years.
I have been engaged for about 2 years now to my wonderful boy Tony. Tony has been going to school to become an engineer. I have been working at a call center, and am getting so sick of it. Tony has been accepted to UBC, so thats great stuff. The thing that is most stressful right now is the task of finding a place for him to live in Kitsilano (because he doesnt have a car) and then him getting the courses that he needs. With him going to school, its made me think of going back to school. I have been helping Tony with his english (because its his worst subject) and I realized that I can do this too (maybe not the math part of that :P ). So I am going to register for the Winter symester at UCFV and upgrade some of my courses to hopefully get into Kinesiology (phisotharapy). YUCK! I hate math, and all that. If I dont get into this kinda thing, I will pick something else, because I cannot stay working at my current job too much longer. I have been working at a call center for almost 3 years. Thats a bit too long for me.
If anyone knows when LOST season 2 dvd's come out, let me know, I love that show.

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