Sunday, October 07, 2007

What makes me smile?

1. a blustery day
2. Mikaela's fashion show after a day of shopping
3. being in Aria's fort
4. farting silently and seeing somone else get blamed hehehe
5. Watching Tony's facial expression when he watches the birds, or when hes watching his new favourite movie "Happy feet"
6. Smiffy's cackling noise when she sees the birds
7. The flowers my husband gave me after my crappy friday

Those are my 7 happy things right now....hehehe its been an interesting week.
***Pictures of my pink hair and Mik's blue hair are for tomorrow!***

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Aria said...

hehehe I can just picture Tony with birds. haha so cute. I'm glad you like my fort! I know, it is awesome. oh and about the towel whooping, I win. I had about 2 weeks of practice where we chased eachother around the kitchen. Oh awesomeness

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