Saturday, October 06, 2007

After dinner games....

So thanksgiving was lovely! We went to my parents place and had a huge dinner! Matt and Katie and Grandma Abrahams were all there as well. We were all kinda being silly (I think it was the turkey). The silliness went from making the crystal glasses sing, to showing everyone at the table you weird body tricks --- Aria's magic thumb, Tony's weird thumb, Katies funny face noises, Mikaela's eyebrows, and my great trick of really nothing. I am not double jointed or crazy eyed, or nothing. Oh well, its fun to watch them all do weird things.
Oh and then the clean up fun-- more like clean up torture. Even as the photographer, I got nailed a few times. I was unarmed and everything.

Katie got a bad one from Aria on her thigh...she was down for the count. Aria had a lot of practice in YWAM so she did dominate the kitchen. Someone got me right above my knee and it stung! They did try and gang up on Aria, but it was unsuccessful. I am tired, turkey tends to have a nice sophorific effect of me. I am going to watch tv, goodnight!

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Jennifer said...

I can do lots of stupid human tricks of the party I tell you.

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