Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Goodbye computer

Last night Tony was turning on his computer and it did this. Well, it first got a bad blue screen error, so he turned it off. Then it flat lined-- literally! He turned it back on and it was black with white lines and a red line going though the middle of the computer.

He called Dell, they said it would need to be serviced. Its motherboard died. He has to send it in and it will be gone for 3 weeks, and most likely they will format his harddrive and that wont be cool. There goes a year and a half of school stuff and work.

This is what Tony looked like after the call to Dell. He was really sad. He tried to use my computer last night, and got pretty frustrated cause its a mac and he doesnt use macs.

Maybe this is why hes not back from school, he might be doing all his homework there tonight.


Anonymous said...

Thats horrible.
Is there any way the dell guys can save the info?

Miranda said...

I am not sure they would, usually service centers dont care and will format the harddrive.

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