Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Healthy computer and new mac stuff!

I haven't been able to think about what to write.
We got the computer back, its better, Tony is very happy.
He was getting annoyed at the weird functions on my mac.
The bird has been very clingy to him, she is always on him or near him. He totally doesn't mind and he takes her around the house everywhere.
Its almost American thanksgiving! I am so hoping its slow at work, it should be.
We are having a thanksgiving potluck at work, complete with either KFC chicken or those pre bought chickens from Safeway. mmm kfc! I think I am gonna bring cranberry stuff or stuffing cause I dont wanna leave it up to the guys to make stove top stuffing.

Coley and I wanted to see James Bond a couple weeks ago and it didnt turn out well because it was sold out. Since we were downtown we headed over to the MAC store on Robson and we found awesome foundation. It doesnt turn me orange and it covers up everything so well! We each got the same one as our skin is that same pale colour.

Its the studio tech foundation and its awesome! Also, Mikaela, as you can see I have your Hello Kitty neclace still.

There have been so many commercials for subway, and now I am slowly wanting a meatball sub.


Aria said...

ooo I have just found out that the MAC foundation is amazing too! I got one of those pressed power thingeys? well colleen had a bit left and had a new one so she let me have it to try. I love it and want to get one now.
what's it worth anyways?

Jennifer said...

mmmmm nice. yay foundation!

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