Friday, October 03, 2008

The last thing I want to do when I get home...

is call Bell and yell and wait on hold for an insane amount of time to get things fixed!
I checked my phone bill and things weren't programmed properly...AGAIN!
My fault for not taking a closer look at the bill, but I shouldn't have to have my phones programmed 3 TIMES!

I called and got the evilest HAG EVER!! Oh my goodness, she wouldn't do anything, didn't care to understand or read any of the notes on my account.
Asked for her manager, and waited on hold while she got one. I so thought she was gonna hang up on me instead of getting him.

Well, after waiting for a while, her manager came on. He was so calm and patient and figured it all out. Hes calling me back to reprogram things right and to take care of my bills.

Well, I hope he can fix it up all nice, I am going to await his call on Monday. I will try to be nice to him.

I am kinda glad I work at a call center, I understand what you need to do to get things done, I wish it weren't so difficult though.

I dont care what they offer me when my contract is up, I am sooooo done.

THE LINE IS BACK!!! WRINKLED IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FOREHEAD!!! Not a good after work face. I need to find something to do to calm down. I think a trip to the corner store for a chocolate bar or some penny candy is in order.

ta ta for now


Aria said...

haha. you think you have lines?? I have both the siemens and abrahams lines... not pleasant.
ooo I want some penny candy too - I miss it. Maybe I will find some cheap stuff here I hope.

Anonymous said...

I went to the british sweet shop the other day and now I have a stash in my car.I gotta have my driving candy.
Mmmm, toffee balls and rosy apples and some cola cubes.

Anonymous said...

That was from mom by the way

Miranda said...

oh i so want the British candy!!!

Aria said...

oh for the green bkg, look up the green colour code on the html sheet - or ctrl f the number or bkg color or something? aw I hope it works.

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