Wednesday, August 20, 2008

obviously not!

Obviously its not the scented room freshener that has been going for a couple of hours now since hes been home -- he hasnt noticed it yet , hehehe!
He hasn't been complaining of being sick.
I haven't heard him sniffing -- which drives me crazy!

I wonder what it is?
Maybe hes got a poor immune system.
Or maybe its the weather that has been hot -- until recently.

Maybe it was the mattress we had, after all, it was filled with fluff and wasn't a real mattress.
I guess we shall see how this goes.

Hopefully I don't hear him complaining of being sick as much this year.
I shall be praying for him, and hopefully he will be healthier this fall.


Aria said...

what is the scent?

Miranda said...

sea breeze and something else

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