Monday, October 20, 2008

Presenting Pumpkin Pie!

That's right, I finally made it. I chickened out last weekend and didn't make it, but had all the ingredients for it. Today I woke up and felt I had to make pie. So right after getting dressed and breakfast, I set up all my stuff and went to work on Aria's Pastry Recipe.

First I didn't put enough flour on the counter and the pastry I rolled out stuck to it. Had to re roll it out and that wasn't so good, but it didn't stick. I didn't do anything fancy with the crust on the edges like Aria does, but that's ok. Popped the pastry in my pie plate (from Grandma S) and then went on to the filling.

Filling was fun, Aria's instructions said to mix it until it looked gross, and that was what I did. Filled it, baked it with the tinfoil on for 15 min (not sure if I was right in removing it, but it isn't burnt).

So here it is in all its glory:

mmm this was my sample. It was much tasty!

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Aria said...

GORGEOUS! I think it looks very very tastey. So glad that the recipie turned out to be awesome. Taste good? it certainly looks good to me. I will teach you the tricks when I get back. Now that mom knows that pie freezes she wants me to make a bunch haha.

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