Sunday, August 17, 2008

hot days...

Today was hot out, hot enough to dry all my laundry, yay for saving money! Getting ready for my honeymoon, we booked the car, hotel and its getting exciting! Tony is also getting ready for school. He's applied for a student loan and now we shall see if he can get one with me working. We did work it out though and if he cant get much of a student loan we will survive, surviving on soup wooo!!!!

So today was so hot that Beth called and we went to the beach. I made lunch (sandwiches, juice boxes, chips and cookies).

The water was again pretty brown and full of fun things!

Beth started a trend amongst the little kids, cause once they saw her do this, they all copied her.

This was her creepiest face

She had my camera for a bit, and this is what she did with it...

Tony was threatening to throw me in

This was the sign where we set up our place, by a huge log. I got my camera back after that.

Do not get the photographer! YOU WILL PAY!

My sandy feet. I had sand in my shorts too.

Kathryn had a defective straw.

Tony really wants to do sailing, he wants a sailboat when hes done school. I wouldn't mind sailing either, I had lots of fun doing it at camp. My back and shoulders are burned, its time to be aloe vera-ed up.


Aria said...

aw that looked like fun. That is gross she picked up all that sea weed. what about bugs???
we went shopping to escape our heat - and there were these very lovely pants but alas not my size :(((

Miranda said...

that is depressing, especially when you love the pants and know they will look good on you.

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