Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gardening with Miranda

Tony and I were riding the bus back home today and I took him to the plant store across the street. We were looking at the herbs, I really wanted a basil plant for my patio garden.
We browsed the ever so fragrant isle of herbs, checked out the cool fennel plant, and the curry plant. I kinda really liked the curry plant but decided against it. My fingers smell like licorice and curry though.
Tony picked out the rosemary tree and I found the basil after a longish search.

There they are! My new plants!

They taste really good, well, I only tasted the basil, but it was good!

That rosemary plant took a while to get out, he was rooted and all happy in his pot.

And now I am off to make spicy lentil soup and salad!

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katie michelle said...

I failed to take care of my plants this winter and now i have none :'(

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