Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goals for 2011

Never have I done the New Years Resolutions, but I decided to make myself some goals for this year. I'm gonna try to stick with them.

1. Read some classics 

2. Stay away from McDonalds/Fast food
I'm bad for wanting quick food so I can be lazy and not cook. Well, I am gonna figure out some meal plan things to make things easier, and make meals that can be put in the freezer and used for when I do feel lazy.

3. Feature more crafty things here

4. Start up my Etsy shop again

Its been a long time since I put things in the shop.  I do want to start sewing, so maybe some creations will appear there.

5. Exercise with Tony

We both have said we need to hit the gym. I know I always feel better after doing exercising, so we made a plan, and need to now organize baby sitters.


Jennifer said...

gym's have child minding.

Miranda said...


Cherrypopz said...

Yes! Please restart your etsy shop and I'll be the happiest future mom over. Expecting March 25th. And hope mine will be as precious as yours :)
She's such a cutie.

Miranda said...

:) exciting! I was a march baby.

Cherrypopz said...

Maybe March babies are crafty babies!

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