Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sad times

She wasn't a happy camper the last couple days. We got home from Christmas as my moms place, and that night, it took 4 tries and many tears before she would sleep. She went to bed around 11pm. Not a normal thing for my girl. She's the best bedtime/naptime girl I know. I thought it was all due to the fact that she was overtired and overdone from all the Christmas stuff.

Well not so. That morning I went to give her a taste of my breakfast, and my finger hit something very sharp in her mouth. Yes, she has cut one tooth. Its on the bottom. Finally. Its barely out, and heaven forbid that I try to touch it. Shes a pro on keeping her lips sealed.

This may be why she was chewing on her bottom lips and sucking on them when she had naps and even during the day in these pictures.

When I can pry her mouth open, or when its very visible, I shall get proof that she has a fang.


misslarissabree said...

tell sadie pants to stop being fuss pants. haha

You guys should come over soon. Colton will play and watch her when you do.

Miranda said...

I like that idea as I have to give you your dolls.

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