Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy 8 Months Sadie

What a busy girl you've been baby! This last month, you've sprouted 2 razor sharp teeth. You seem to be working on more.

You love bath time. Getting splashed and having water dumped on your head makes you super excited.

Speaking of water, any time anyone near you has a cup of something, you will squawk until they share. You love drinking from big cups, you get super wet, and inhale your water , sputtering and coughing. You are always ready for more though. Those little hands have quite a grip on the cups they grab on to.

You've been eating more solid foods, and you can frustrate the daylights out of me when every mouthful you take gets blown back into my face. I'm trying to get you to eat more solids, but you still love your bottles.

You've been rolling everywhere, getting into things like the VCR. Trying to teach you "no" is hard. You get so upset when I hold your hand and say "no". It takes a bit, but you kinda catch on.

Today, you've learned to creep. You use those arms and legs in a weird little way to get into things you shouldn't. Its not crawling yet, but its moving around on your tummy and its so cute.

We took you swimming yesterday for the first time. Your Grandma S, Aunty Beth and I went to the wave pool and you had a ball. You splashed, and loved the deep water. You stayed in until we saw your lips turn purple. Then you hung out with Grandma S until we got out.

I love you sweet pea, and cant wait to see what you do next.

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