Thursday, January 06, 2011

Craft Date!

Coley is coming to school me on how to use a sewing machine. We plan on battling the terrible weather with the baby to get to fabricland. I am so EXCITED! <--(notice the capital letters)

I also need a craft date with Larissa. I haven't been crocheting at all lately. I ran out of my yarns for her blanket. I need to get me to a Michaels or Zellers asap. Cottontots yarn, here I come!

Oh and the baby is trying so hard to crawl. She pushed her bum way in the air and kinda slid on her face forward towards the remote. Girl should learn soon though cause another time it looked like she was doing push ups, just no forward movement. I will try and get an action shot of her attempts at crawling, but for now, you get to see her in her cute stripey tights from superstore.


hello deer! said...

i love sadie so much! thanks for the fun times today <3 there wasn't much schooling.. you're a veteran already.

Nicole said...

I love going to Fabricland! Almost as much as I love going to Michael's!! If you tell them you're a student you can get a really cheap membership at Fabricland too, worth checking out if you don't already have it!

hello deer! said...

the membership for students is $15 a year, if you're not a student it's $20

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