Friday, January 07, 2011

After a most successful day of sewing...

the machine has decided to become stubborn. I mean, its just rude. I had a little issue with something last night, and so I cut the thread and was going to start again on that one spot, and well, I had to rethread the bottom bobbin in the machine.

I tried oh fifty times or so to get that thing threaded, and no, no it doesnt want to be threaded. The diagrams on the booklet and internet are useless. They dont show what I need to see. I know how to do it properly, but every time I go sweep the threads under the foot, only the top one appears. Its like the machine doesnt want the bottom one to do its magic. Dumb thing. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I did it right yesterday.

Last night, she was feeling left out. So she rolled in between our chairs and played with the wheels. Lucky she didnt get her fingers flattened playing around there. Silly monkey.


hello deer! said...

remember to pull the top thread first! it just takes a few ( more ) tries. if your bottom one isn't long enough, it won't make it all the way up! by the way, it's not the backstitches fault!

Jennifer said...

you'll be ok.

I'd hate to trouble shoot for you from a distance but my machine likes being cleaned out and lubed up once in a while. If yours is brand new that shouldn't be the case.
Bummer I can't be of more help.
Go crochet something until you feel like coming back to it.
You'll soon have it down I'm sure.

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