Thursday, January 13, 2011

emotional basketcase

Written January 9th

Its been an emotional rollercoaster for me lately. I don't think I was ever this bad when I was pregnant with Sadie. This morning I woke up, brought the baby into the living room and surveyed the disaster. My baby has effectively taken over our small apartment with all her crap. 

 (this is partly my fault with the crochet things on the floor, but its a lot worse when the toys gravitate towards the middle of the room--taken Jan 10th)

So, I started cleaning the living room. This didn't last long as I got frustrated with the lack of space and then overwhelmed with where to put it all. Then I figured that moving is needed. So I searched Craigslist for bigger places to live. I got even more upset because I wasn't finding anything that I liked. Then I went to have a bubble bath and read to calm down. Living with one bathroom has its cons to say the least, and I was kicked out of the bathroom 5 minutes into my bath. With the loud talking that happened in the hallway, the baby woke up, and now I had no quiet time to read, or relax and I ended up cuddling her on the bed and cried. 

We need to move. A 1 bedroom apartment does not work for 3 going on 4. I am already saving the big diaper boxes for packing of stuff. 

I have a plan for packing most of my crafting stuff. Sad times, I know. At least I will feel less cluttered and less frustrated at this place. Diaper boxes are great to pack things in. So, the hunt continues for a new place.


lizzie said...

*hugs* i feel you totally... we live in a three bedroom house with the in laws and there are five of us and two of them... and poor lil jax who is 8 months doesn't like anyone but me so it's horrible on me emotionaly but think of it this way... soon (not soon enough but soon hahahaa) things will be okay and you will have some amazing healthy children that love you and thank you so much for all that you do for them! it sucks that we can't use the bathroom when we want to (i can't even remember the last time i peed in peace yet alone shower!!) and we have to take care of these lil ppl in order for thier survival... but we are mommas and we are strong enough to do the job! keep your head up momma! it will be totally worth it!!

Miranda said...

Thank you :) That made me feel tons better :)

Grandma J. said...

Praying you find the perfect place for you.

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