Monday, January 31, 2011

She's my little duckie

It still amazes me that she loves the water so much. I was never like that as a child. In the summer when Aria and I had water fights, it was kinda a rule not to get someone in the face. Usually it ended up being that Aria got control of the hose, so I would get her in the face, and it would end there with tears. In my defense, it wasn't fair in my mind that she got the hose, even if she was younger.

This girl though, she splashes, she doesn't mind me dumping water on her head to rise out her hair. She blinks at me afterward and just smiles like it was no big deal. She loves her bath toys. If she cant get at them, she lunges forward on her belly after them, forgetting that she cant creep in the tub.

I cant wait to take her swimming again. We love swimming. She loves it until her lips turn blueish, and then its time to go out (usually takes only 10 minutes for that to happen).

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