Thursday, February 03, 2011


I've been slacking on a lot lately. Slacking on blogging, taking pictures, doing dishes, laundry and probably everything else. Also slacked on Sadie's neck exercises (explained in this post) which means we need another physio appointment. I felt pretty horrible after her appointment. I could have been doing more, but I haven't been carrying her around a lot cause shes getting heavy. And now I'm kinda whining about carrying a heavy baby when really, shes not heavy at all for her age. Shes actually petite.

I will be back to cleaning and blogging soon, just gotta get motivated to do it. It helps a lot when Tony isn't home. I clean way better when I am alone. 

So maybe when this crappy rainy weather backs off, I can take baby out to the park and take pictures of her.

Oh, I found out that the family that moved away when Sadie was born, is back in our building again. They had 2 little girls in a one bedroom when they moved, and now they are back after snagging the 2 bedroom in our building. Very cool. I wondered who the family was that had the green stroller parked beside mine in the laundry room. I have totally have stroller envy. She has the phil&teds double stroller that I love.

I think that a few lemon drops will be a reward for me cleaning the kitchen today. Oh I love them (beside them are rootbeer drops- also love)

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