Thursday, September 23, 2010


What seemed like a brilliant idea at the time made me feel uber gross afterwards. Its rainy and my feet were already really cold, so rather than make a trip to the grocery store I decided to raid the freezer for lunch. Amongst the freezies, berries and bread were corn dogs and a half bag of french fries. Oh yes, I by passed the berries and bread in order to eat startches and sweet honey mustard. Yes, I could have had a sandwich with the nice wheaty bread from cobbs, but no, I wolfed down my greasy corn dogs and fries while doodling in my art journal.

Like 5 minutes after I felt it....bleeeeech. I should know better. Without my special pills I would be reeling in the effects of heartburn. I gotta train my brain better because I will be without those pills in a week or 2. I scolded myself and have vowed not to eat too much of that ever again.

After the gross feelings subsided, we read some stories.

This is a new book from Costco called "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" Its by the same guy who did "The very hungry caterpillar", Eric Carle. Love his stuff.

She was more interested in her mommy trying to one handidly read and take photos of this event. We do love reading. She is so good when reading, she will sit still for the most part and listen and then try and touch the pages or the book. I hope she will become a reader like me. I gotta get her some new books. We have read "good night moon" many, MANY times now. I am a little bored of it.

I shall leave you with this last one now.

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heidi said...

oh, but she is so precious! i love her expression looking up at you from the book. tristan and i enjoyed reading together so much when he was the same age and he still LOVES books! (samuel, not so much. he'd rather eat them or see what the pages sound like when he rips them.) brown bear is essential, so glad you have it!

my dad is visiting soon, so i'll take a look at our overloaded bookcases and see what other essential childhood books i could donate to a growing little bookworm :)

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