Friday, September 24, 2010

what's in my bag?

Sooo maybe you wonder what other people put in their purses or bags, or maybe not. Sometimes I am curious about if people have half eaten candies or a loose rolaid in their purses like I do. I find some strange things in my bags. This is my diaper bag for Sadie (its a big o'neil bag that I got on ebay), and this is what was in it today if you are curious:

1. pink bunny receiving blanket for mopping up all the drool that this one has
2. soother
3. munchkin changing pad thing that is  super handy.
4. cover girl compact in probably the palest shade ever
5. MAC hello kitty lip gloss
6. pink face cloth
7. yellow socks
8. stride gum in mystery flavor -- Tony swears its grapefruit
9. journal -- keeps me busy at baby's doctor appointments
10. moxy the ugly doll -- baby loves to knaw on his ears
11. ipod for the tunes
12. new coffee cozy -- used it today at blendz to get a dark chocolate mocha -- too rich a drink for me though
13. nuby -- nubly ring of texture for baby to play with
14. hello kitty change purse
15. crappy cell phone --it has lasted a long time though--cant wait to get a new one

This bag is waaaay cleaner than my purse. I might show you what I keep in that one next.

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Meredith said...

Wallet, Keys, purple pen, black pen,first aid kid, strwaberry lip smackers.
My word verification looks like puberty...

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