Monday, September 27, 2010

4 Stories: Vintage

One: Suzy Homemaker

This was the first thing I thought of when I thought of the word "Vintage". My mom had this little oven that was like the first "easy bake oven". It was this exact colour and had the little girl's head on it. We used it mostly to play house with, but occasionally we baked a tiny cake or something under the light bulb. Who knew you could cook food using a light bulb. It was so cute and fun. Thing was also pretty heavy...but I was 6 so maybe it was just me. My momma I think still has this thing, and I hope that Sadie can play with it when she's older.

Two: Skipper

I will never forget when my momma brought out 2 floral patterned suitcases (that must have came from the 60's) and inside were the coolest barbies. These barbies had real eyelashes, and black hair, and neat faces. I don't remember what happened to them. They would have been collectible too. The one we did keep was Skipper. She had flat flipper like feet and coarse feeling hair. She didn't really fit any of my barbies clothes. She obviously didn't hit puberty yet, but that was ok. She was the older sister and she really hurt if your sister hit you with her. Her head popped off one day and when we played with her, we would shove her head back on her neck, so she wouldn't have a neck. She was the "disfigured" older sister to our barbies. Poor gal.

Three: Wishfulness

I gotta admit, I struggled with this topic a lot. I am not the type of person who goes thrifting and finds awesome vintage stuff. I read blogs like FreckledNest and I am envious at all the cute little things she finds. I keep telling myself that one day I will make a list of things and then go out searching. Maybe when Sadie will let me leave the house without her.

Four: Toys

So way way before Sadie was born, when she wasn't even thought of, I was on the hunt for vintage toys, or toys that I played with. I worked at eBay, the worlds garage biggest garage sale basically. When it was slow, I would be browsing the site, looking for toys I played with. I found 2 things that I had, a Tupperware Noah's ark set and a Tupperware tea set with cake holder. Tony thought I was nuts, but I told him for our future children, they would need these things. NEED THEM! So they went into a storage bin under our bed. When we found out we were expecting her, I whipped out her toys and set them up in her side of the room. She can't play with them now, but maybe soon the Noah's ark in the tub. When I was pregnant, I also found an awesome set of bible story books that I used to read. I am missing the 4th book, but I shall be hunting for it again at Value Village.

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