Tuesday, September 21, 2010

soup disaster

I've been meaning to make soup for a few weeks now. Today I finally had some time during nap time to get it done. I had just turned up the heat to get things cooking when I heard frantic baby crying. She's pretty clingy lately. Shots make her a little emotional, so even waking up from naps are upsetting to her.

So off I went to console the small girl, forgetting about the soup. After changing her, and making her happy I walked into the kitchen and lo and behold, my soup, exploded all over the stove. :( :( :(

So I plunked the girl in her chair and took care of the matter. She didn't appreciate that.

Fed her, patted her, she yelled at me. She's very good at expressing her anger without crying. She then yelled herself to sleep while I held her. She's on the couch now. When she wakes up, I am going to check to see if she may have a fever.

I am enjoying my potato corn chowder at the desk. Its good stuff for fall. Its not really fall weather out, its really nice and sunny for once.


cb said...

oh no! poor soup! i hope you have time to make another batch!


Miranda said...

I was able to save it. It was such a pain to clean up though. :)

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