Thursday, September 30, 2010


Made this cake yesterday for a birthday girl I know. Layers were pink, teal, (supposed to be black) Steely grey, and purple. It was a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing. 

I think I love making cakes like these only because when the person cuts into it, they have no idea that its innards are beautiful colours.  We had a very good time, making crafts, playing with Sadie, talking.

Larissa reminded me today that Michaels downtown is open. Larissa, we need to head down there! I have crafts that we need to do as well.

So this is one of the ornaments I made with scrap paper today. I took my scraps, glued them to a piece of card, then cut out my tree shape. I'm gonna do a star, and maybe a bell in this fashion.

I have a different ornament that is almost done, just needs a bow of ribbon and then I will post it here as well.


coley! said...

best birthday ever, sick or not!

Miranda said...

A Sadie always helps.

Aria said...

looks sooo yummy!

Tams said...

whoa whoa since when is there a michaels downtown? i only know about the one near cambie!

Miranda said...

Ya I think that was the one I was thinking of. Cambie and Broadway. For me I consider it "downtown" cause its closer than the one in richmond.

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