Thursday, September 09, 2010


Shes getting to be quite the grabby girl. She has been pulling her butterflies off her play gym thing and then sucks on them.

I love this sleeper. Its got little gummy bears on it. Its also nice for her when its chilly out.

Yay for highchairs! Finally we bought one. It was so needed as solid food time approaches. I've already sneaked her a taste of watermelon juice. It was so cute to watch her reaction. Must try something sour next. Cant wait to start this solid food business. I am excited to make baby food.

Oh, and singing is her new favourite thing. She was in her bouncy chair in these shots and I was singing "I am a pizza" by charlotte diamond. She squealed and laughed and was grinning. It also helped that I made stupid faces at her and gestures while doing it. I need to get me a cd of that stuff, I can barely remember the words to that song. I end up making up my own to it.

Oh and now shes started making raspberry like noises. She has been trying super hard all day and its the only noise she makes right now. Much spit has happened. Bibs will be used for the rest of the day I think.

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heidi said...

oh, she just looks so squshable! by the way, the public libary is an awesome source of kid's cd's. i am constantly borrowing an assortment of raffi, sharon lois & bram, and yes even charlotte diamond from our local library. you can request them online and then they'll email you when they arrive :)

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