Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hello again!

Thanks for checking out my new blog. Sorry it took a while to sort things out. I was really hating my old one and made the change to another url kinda on accident. Its done though. I am happy. I was just getting annoyed at the url and how it was annoying to give out to people. Hopefully this one is easier to remember.

So since I've been away, here is what has been happening lately...

 (he shaved it off...I didn't like it really)

Tony is back in school for his very LAST semester. Oh its strange to think its the last one, but its sooo good. We cant wait. Both of us agreed that we need a vacation after school ends. Somewhere sans the little girl.

Speaking of little girl, shes been doing lots of new things. Instead of using little fists, she has started grabbing at her toys, clothes, my hair...everything. She then puts it in her drooly mouth. Oh I love her. She also is noticing her feet. Those toes captivate her for a while before she moves on to putting more things in her mouth.

She also has a new high chair. So far she is loving it. She likes to stare at the tray and not really play with her toys. She was having breakfast with us that morning.


Cin said...

Very nice :)

misslarissabree said...

i love the new blog and i love my dearest sadie

Missy said...

Baby is soooooo CUTE! I love the little Red stuff monster!


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