Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teethies... and so it begins

So yesterday we had a great morning. Played peek-a-boo, did some cleaning, made her laugh by being silly. She was great. I noticed she was knawing on things a lot more than usual and was slobbering all over the things she was knawing on. Once her tounge moved out of the way, I saw little white spots. Just very small ones, but it explained everything.

Gave her an icy cold face cloth to suck on, and she appreciated that for a little while. She was relativley good all day until the evening.

This little girl needs 3 naps a day, usually 2 of them for 2 hours and 1 for one hour. Well...she missed one. That girl NEEDS her naps. She turned from wonderful child to

 yeah....she was rubbing her eyes, but everytime I put her down for a nap, she would wake up and cry and wanted to be held. Poor girl. Mid feeding she screamed until she was red and blotchy. It took a long time for her to calm down enough to eat. Then she yelled at felt like forever. I would pat her back and she would burrow her face in my neck and yell. Her muffled whines kept on and on until she tired herself out.

I totally thought she would have a fever, nope, notta. I am hoping it was all due to the missed nap. If not, its probably the start of teething. OHJOY.

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